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IT Support Business

Customer Technical Call Center

We back up customer’s IT environment through technical support for setting up connections and operations for computers and peripheral equipment. Please recall when you received an email at your email receiving box for the first time with the first computer acquired. We help customers enhance their motivation for IT life further through experiencing excitement that the customers have become capable of their past difficult tasks.

Assisting customers with the use of computers (operating system, software and hardware)

Providing information on specifications of products prior to and following purchase

Solving operating system and software problems

Diagnosing hardware faults and performing repairs

Correcting Point-of-Sales (POS) register faults

Help Desk

We handle various inquiries from IT system users in corporations. Our engineers, with sufficient expertise in each corporate IT system, promptly and accurately handle any inquiries. It would be “putting the cart before the horse” if jobs were hindered from difficult operations or troubles in a corporate system. Our engineers are making efforts daily in self-improvement to improve their skills, for the purpose of eliminating customers’ stress coming from the system as much as possible for the customers to show their best performance through concentration in their proper works.

Supporting business systems independently operated by companies

Configuring and maintaining companies' in-house networks

Installing and updating software in work computers

IT / Business Training

We provide on-site training. We believe that applying the existing curriculum to each customer would not be “solutions” in the real sense. 100 separate companies must have 100 different issues and targets. We provide detailed and precise training programs together with prior research of requirements from each customer.

Preparing employees for Excel/Word certification tests

Training employees on creating business documents

Training on the Basics of business manners required by companies

Preparing candidates for the job-search

Preparing candidates for success at job interviews

ICT Support for Schools

We conduct ICT support for ICT education and educational coaching for teachers and staff in local governments and educational institutions. In the field of education, lending learning devices to every student is a target by 2020. We believe it is most desirable for teachers to adapt themselves to ICT environment. It is meaningless, however, if teachers’ educational activities to the most important pupils and students become insufficient due to spending their precious time only in ICT usage. Permanently stationing of Sanwa staff holding qualifications as Information Technology Coordinator for Education or ICT Supporter will help cope with any unexpected troubles. Eliminating unnecessary worries other than the Educational Guideline will make “things what are really needed to tell students” much clearer. We at Sanwa Group make efforts in indirect contribution to students’ and pupils’ learnings through our ICT support.

  Information Technology Coordinator for Education class 3:6
  ICT Supporter:13

Supporting introduction of digital text and education system

Supporting the migration to Information digitization

Providing training regarding Information security

Website Production

We develop websites specifically for companies and shops. We tailor your website to the most suitable one within the budget while fulfilling various customer’s purposes and usages such as company profile, information provision, inquiries and acceptance of sample requests. In addition, we undertake information updates or maintenance jobs after the installation.

Developing WEB sites satisfying customer desire

Providing graphics and designs for WEB sites

Providing appropriate color pallets

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