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Personal Information Protection

Each Sanwa Group’s company promotes the following measures with taking the view that our social responsibility includes proper protection of personal information.

  1. In addition to education enlightenment activities for the employees, manage personal information properly by appointing managers to each department which handles personal information.
  2. Ensure personal data security management through preventing leakage, loss, damage, or others of personal data handled by means of necessary and proper security measures.
  3. Except in the case of a person’s prior consent or permission by law, use personal information only for the purpose of notified or publicized usage, or clear usage mentioned when obtained.
  4. Except in the case of a person’s prior consent or permission by law, not allow any personal information to be provided to a third person or party.
  5. If personal information to be handled is provided to a third person or party, take measures to prevent the third person or party from leaking or re-providing by the contractual obligation method unless there are special circumstances.
  6. Accept a request of confirmation or amendment of personal information within reasonable scopes at specified sections.
  7. Strictly adhere to the laws and the regulations related to personal information protection in Japan.

Tsuneo Suzuki President, Sanwa Group

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