We realize customer satisfaction with the enhancement of in-house training such as customer service manner training and OJTs, and high-quality response capabilities and enriched technical capabilities based on our experience for many years.

Technical Call Center

We back up customers' IT environment by providing technical support such as how to operate and how to set up for connections of computers and peripherals. By letting a customer experience the excitement of being able to do things that you could not do before, we improve further your IT life.

Support for use of PC and software and troubleshooting

Product specifications before and after purchase

Fault diagnosis and repair reception for PC

Reception for failures of POS cash register

IT/Business Training

We provide various ICT training of typical Microsoft Office such as Word and Excel and business training such as business manners and business documents. Although we provide on-site training when requested, we believe that applying the existing curriculum developed to every customer would not be a “Solution” in real terms. 100 separate companies must have 100 different issues and targets. We provide more effective training programs based on prior detailed and precise research of requirements from each customer.

Support for acquiring qualifications for Office software

Training required by companies on business manners and business document

Call handling training