ISO27001 Certification

Information Security

ISMS Basic Policy

Sanwa Group's companies provide various services such as support business principally for IT-related business, logistics business, and interior construction business, as well as promoting social contribution activities such as employment support business. In line with promoting these, we aim at securing business continuity and profit by gaining social trust from all stakeholders. To realize that, we believe it should be indispensable to establish Information Security Management System (ISMS) to secure information security, then we set up our ISMS basic policy as below as a guideline for all employees to have an acute awareness of information security and to take relevant actions.

  1. Establish a system for continuous maintenance and improvement of ISMS and review it regularly.
  2. Formulate regulations for securing information security and comply with them.
  3. Conduct an appropriate risk assessment to protect information assets from threats.Take proper security measures after recognizing especially customers, sales, engineering, and personal information is important information, to protect this information from risks such as leakage, loss, damage, and alteration, with most emphasizing its confidentiality.
  4. Encourage all employees to recognize the importance of information security, educate and train the employees, with emphasizing compliance, on the appropriate use of information assets.
  5. Comply with related laws and regulations in our business fields as well as protection for intellectual property rights such as copyright and personal information, and contractual requirements from our customers or suppliers.
  6. Apply the penalty rules defined in the work rules to the employees who breach this basic policy or the regulations on the ISMS.

Revised: June 1, 2020

Tsuneo Suzuki, President, Sanwa Solutions Co., Ltd.

Akihiro Ota, President, Sanwa System Support Co., Ltd.

Yoshiaki Saito, President, Sanwa Technical Partners Co., Ltd.

Hideki Toriyabe, President, Sanwa Business School Inc.

Certification organization: Japan Environmental Certification Organization, Inc.(JACO, a comprehensive certification body)

Scope of certification: Sanwa Group Shin-Yokohama Office

(General Affairs Department, Sales Department, Business Administration Department, Incorporated Association Office)