Action Plan to Support Educating Next-Generation Children

Action Plan to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

1.Aim of Action Plan to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

To create an environment in which children are born and raised in good health in light of the rapidly declining birthrate, we establish an action plan for the improvement of the child-rearing environment and for the efforts to balance work and child-rearing.

2.Objectives of the Action Plan

1) For the event an employee has childbirth and child-rearing, the Company equips an environment in which employees can easily take such as childcare leave, as a system and other employees including managers fully understand the focal point and no discriminatory behavior comes up.

2) About balancing work and child-rearing, all employees are to cooperate in implementing measures to reduce the burden of work and the development of a workplace environment that makes it easier for employees to work after childbirth and child-rearing.

3. Duration of the Action Plan

From February 1, 2018, to January 31, 2021

4. Subjects

All employees as full-time employees, associate employees, fixed-term employees, part-timers, part-time workers.

5. Promotion Goals and Concrete Measures

1) Expansion of the consultation system

Setting up a consulting desk that is easy for employees, including supervisors, to consult with them, we enhance the consultation system, including explaining work style during childbirth and childcare periods and the provisions on childcare leave, and so on.

2) Provision of information

Provide information on laws, regulations, and other information to all employees, including supervisors, so that the General Affairs Department can promote appropriate activities related to this Action Plan.

3) Implement measures at each workplace

About balancing work and child-rearing, in reducing the burden of work and improving workplaces, we implement measures to create a workplace environment where employees with child-rearing can work with peace of mind.

6. Action Plan Promotion System and its Role

The roles of staff at each office such as employees, supervisors, general affairs departments, and others are as follows:

a) Employees

Employees shall understand the Action Plan and work in collaboration in the event of other employees' childcare leave, and the like. Besides, in case you fall under the condition of childbirth and child-rearing, consult with your supervisor and comply with the company's regulations.

b) Supervisors

Supervisors promote continuous improvements to the working environment and respond to consultations from subordinates as well. Also, they educate the Action Plans and childcare leave provisions as necessary.

c) Staff at each office (General Affairs Department, Business Administration Department, Safety and Health staff)

Support the activities of employees including supervisors.

* General Affairs Department and Business Administration Department

Respond to consultations from employees or supervisors as necessary. Also, as well as responding to difficult problems to handle by a supervisor alone such as workplace replacement or personnel change, determine changes in vacation days or working hours through consulting with supervisors for applications such as parental leaves.

* Health supervisors

Present an agenda in the Safety and Health Committee on such as the improvement of the workplace environment as necessary, and coordinate the communication with the supervisor on the actual workplace improvement.

* Safety and Health Committee

Safety and Health Committee promotes continuous ongoing activities for the implementation of the action plans with the health supervisors as the core.

7. Dissemination of the Action Plans and the Childcare Leave Provisions

Disseminate the action plans and the childcare leave provisions by posting them on the J-page website for the employees.

January 26, 2018

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General Affairs Department