“Human Rights Enlightenment” Policy and Action Guidelines

“Human Rights Enlightenment” Basic Policy

We at Sanwa Group keep in mind behaviors with consciousness at any time of born rights to be free and equal and respect the fundamental human rights of individuals.

We do not conduct any behavior to infringe human rights such as discrimination from the nation or ethnic group, origin, race, color, religion, family, gender, age, sexual orientation, social status, family status, physical or mental disability, and others. At the same time, we do not encourage or permit such behaviors.

  1. Prohibition of unfavorable treatment such as discrimination
    Respect the human rights of every individual and must not treat anyone unfavorably as discrimination, harassment, and any other one.
  2. Fair and sincere treatment
    Welcome anyone with respect and gratitude, and treat them with fairness and sincerity, in any opportunity inside or outside the company.
  3. Human rights education
    Conduct regularly human rights education to all employees in opportunities as employee training.

April 1, 2016

Tsuneo Suzuki, CEO, Sanwa Group