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We quickly and carefully diagnose and repair computers, displays, and peripherals. These days, IT devices have become not only useful but also indispensable. Most people say, “I would get severe damage to my business without this equipment even for a single day.” We try to conduct a repair service job as quickly, surely as possible to return those precious devices to the customers even a single day earlier.

Inspecting, fine-tuning and repairing computers

Diagnosing faults, examining and repairing boards, displays and projectors for computers

Diagnosing faults, examining and repairing LCD and CRT displays

Diagnosing hard disk drive faults and reinstalling software


In addition to strict stock control, loading and unloading of important merchandise, we assist customers in various jobs related to smooth distribution services. Time is now a valuable asset. “Never stop the flow” is one of the most important themes in our logistics services.

Warehousing parts and products for customers

Supporting customs clearance for imports and exports

Arranging light freight transportation operations


Using our know-how accumulated for many years, we undertake customers’ various jobs in order for the customers to allow to eliminate difficulties in their jobs and to allocate human resources to a new business opportunity through outsourcing jobs. We at Sanwa Group assist customers in expanding their business through improvement of business efficiency.

Kitting work
(Building and installing to order)

Selling new and used computers

Producing media

Manufacturing electronics

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