ISO14001 Certification

Environmental Protection

Sanwa Group’s Environmental Policy

Sanwa Group's companies provide various services principally to IT-related business, interior construction business, and employment support business. Amid providing these, aiming at securing business continuity and profit by gaining social trust from all stakeholders, we encourage all employees to always acknowledge the influences to the environment, then promote proactively and continuously the activities which contribute to preserving the global environment.

  1. Set environmental objectives and an environmental target and take actions in line with them, build an Environmental Management System with regular reviews, and strive to improve it continuously.
  2. Promote various activities such as resource-saving, energy-saving, disposals reduction, recycling activity, green purchase, and work efficiency improvement.
  3. Make continuous efforts in environmental improvement and pollution prevention through complying with related environmental regulations and other requirements.
  4. Encourage all employees to make efforts in raising their environmental consciousness through promotions of environmental education and dissemination activities, and let every employee behave as a corporate citizen as well.
  5. Endeavor to contribute to continuous global environmental protection through the promotion of environmental activities even outside our business activities.

Revised on November 1, 2018

Established on June 1, 2007

Tsuneo Suzuki, CEO, Sanwa Group

Certification body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)

Scope of certification: Sanwa Group Shin-Yokohama Office