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Since its establishment in September 1987, Sanwa Group has always adhered to the philosophy of providing the best solution for customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction as its management philosophy. At the time of establishment, we started our business with manufacturing electric equipment such as home appliances and automobile parts. Then we turned our business into service businesses as a core, such as a call center for IT equipment and a repair for personal computers.

Now, adding to those, we adapt to the changing business environment through launching an education-related business at a company, providing support for ICT utilization at elementary schools, also launching our web sales site for selling goods. At the same time, we are steadily trying to expand our business to new businesses.

Also, we believe that aiming to be “a company that provides security and gains trust from customers,” we grow to the company that can receive more trust from customers by pursuing the promotion of constructing a more solid organizational system than now, and by enhancements in human resource training, such as information security, to our employees.

Sanwa Group will continue to strive for these goals and standards so that we will be the company that can meet customers’ expectations. We would appreciate customers’ guidance and encouragement even more than before.

Tsuneo Suzuki, CEO, Sanwa Group