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Company Philosophy

Providing the Best Solution for Customers by Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

  1. Provide the best solutions for customers using our technical competence, innovation and agility to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and bright future by being a corporate citizen trusted by all stakeholders.
  3. Reinforce organizational strengths through employee training that continuously emphasizes compliance.
  4. Build a corporate culture fostering individual free thinking and teamwork exemplified by the motto “our employees are our capital.”
  5. Contribute to society through corporate activities that cultivate a system of education and training to support job placement preparation.

Message from the President

 We at Sanwa Group have always adhered to the philosophy of providing the best solution for customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction. With this as our core, we operate our business to be one step ahead and go further to satisfy the customer, be responsive to the changing business climate, and pursue new possibilities.
 To succeed in these, we conduct our operations according to the worldwide standards in information security management and environmental management reflected in ISO27001 and ISO14001, so that we will be the company in which the customers place their trust and contribute to a brighter future.
 Furthermore, our employees are constantly challenged to remain proficient in the ISOs and keep their skills at the cutting edge in business manners, professional skills, quality assurance, health and safety, information security, and environmental protection. Additionally, we provide assistance to better prepare the youth who will join the workforce in the future to contribute to society.
 We will continue to strive for these goals and standards, so that we will be the company you turn to for solutions.

Tsuneo Suzuki President, Sanwa Group

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